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Quiz on Structure & Composition of Atmosphere_WBCS

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Question 1

What is the rate of decrease in air temperature in troposphere with a certain height?

Question 2

The layer just above the troposphere in the atmosphere is known as

Question 3

Find the correctly matched pairs from below:
1) Stratosphere : Useful Ozone layer
2) Troposphere : Ideal for flying aeroplanes
3) Mesosphere : Temperature Inversion
4) Ionosphere: Radio communications.

Question 4

Which of the following is true regarding troposphere?
1) Thickness of the troposphere is greatest at the equator because heat is transported to great heights by strong convectional currents.
2) All changes in climate and weather take place in this layer.
3) This is the most important layer for all biological activity.

Question 5

Arrange the following group of clouds in decreasing order of their height of formation:
1). Stratus
2). Nimbus
3). Cirrus
4). Cumulus

Question 6

Which of the following is/are correctly matched?
1) Cirrus clouds – High Altitude, Thick and attached
2) Cumulus clouds – look like cotton wool, exists in patches
3) Stratus clouds - layered clouds, formed due to mixing of air masses.

Question 7

Choose the correct option which represents the arrangement of atmospheric layers.

Question 8

The Mesosphere layer of atmosphere extends from approx. ________.
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