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Quiz on Nutrition Health and Diseases_WBCS

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Question 1

Which vitamin is known as sunshine vitamin?

Question 2

Which of the following vitamin is regarded as anti-sterility vitamin ?

Question 3

A vitamin requires cobalt for its activity. The vitamin is

Question 4

Which vitamin deficiency cause scurvy?

Question 5

Water soluble vitamin is

Question 6

Which vitamin is found in lemon?

Question 7

Which vitamin helps in blood clotting?

Question 8

Which Vitamin was discovered by Henrik Dam?

Question 9

Which vitamin helps in healing the wound?

Question 10

Which Vitamin is responsible for Night Blindness -

Question 11

Which vitamin is known as folic acid ?

Question 12

Deficiency of which of the vitamin causes rickets?

Question 13

Which of the following vitamin functions as hormone?

Question 14

Which of these is not fat soluble vitamin?

Question 15

Which of the following vitamin does Mushroom contain?

Question 16

Which vitamin is helpful in protecting cell membrane?

Question 17

Which vitamin is present in Papaya?

Question 18

Anemia is caused by deficiency of which vitamin _______.

Question 19

Which vitamin cannot be stored in our body ?

Question 20

Which Vitamin is also called thiamine?
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