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Quiz on Learning and Pedagogy : 19.08.2020

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Question 1

According to Freud, which part of the mind contains sexual and aggressive drives and hidden memories?

Question 2

According to which of the following theorist emotions are caused by physiological reactions?

Question 3

‘Learning in the family’ is which mode of education?

Question 4

Media can be used as:

Question 5

Rita is a inborn dancer, She performs in school functions to show her dancing talent. To show “How better she can dance?” Her dance can be best described as

Question 6

The core processes of Meaningful learning are:

Question 7

Where there is no improvement in performance is made, which learning period we are talking about?

Question 8

Child got an ‘A’ on test, when he/she changes studying strategy. According to the Thorndike law of effect, how is the child most likely to react?

Question 9

A student in your class said “I want to become a doctor, because I am inspired by their salary package.”  What kind of motivation is this?

Question 10

The method in which the students do a purposeful task in a natural environment:
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