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Quiz on Inclusive Education : 27.11.2020

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Question 1

Dyslexia is characterized as

Question 2

Dyscalculia is associated with

Question 3

Full form of PWD ACT 1995

Question 4

A child is termed legally blind when its visual acuity is: -

Question 5

Which of the following is the characteristic of inclusive education

Question 6

Gifted child is

Question 7

Among the following identify the causes of mental retardation in a child?
i) Heredity
ii) Abnormalities of brain
iii) Consangvinity
iv) Alcopolic parents

Question 8

Naavya is a dyslexic student of class V she generally have the difficulty in -

Question 9

Which of the following measures can be taken by teachers and parents to handle the mentally retarded children?

Question 10

Identify the signs of Dyspraxia from the following:
i) problems with organising themselves and their possession.
ii) Poor body balance
iii) low IQ
iv) Breaking balance
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