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Quiz on Inclusive Education : 08.09.2020

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Question 1

A child has difficulty in counting, poor understanding of signs and place value. These symptoms are related to

Question 2

When a teacher involves a visually challenged student with normal students in an activity, then there will be some help to the visually challenged student in

Question 3

A Teacher reacts to the needs of children from ignored/ neglected sections of the society. It implied

Question 4

Direction: Answer the following questions by selecting the correct / most appropriate options.
“Having a diverse classroom with children from varied social, economic and cultural backgrounds enriches the learning experiences of all students.” This statement is :

Question 5

What is the sign of being gifted?
a- Novelty in expression
b- Curiosity
c- Talkativeness
d- Hyper activeness

Question 6

Which provision help the all-round development of disadvantage groups?

Question 7

What is Educational Poverty?

Question 8

What are the alternatives which are unacceptable to create inclusive environment?

Question 9

_____________ is a place where every child is accepted supported by his or her peers and other members of the school community in the course of having his or her educational needs met.

Question 10

What is the role of RCI (Rehabilitation council of India) in inclusive education?

A) To regulate the training programme in the field of rehabilitation

B) To prescribe the standard of training institute

C) To recognize institutions/universities running courses in the field of rehabilitation

D) To register the professionals, working is this field

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