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Quiz on Inclusive Education : 07.10.2020

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Question 1

The main function of orthotic devices is to.........

Question 2

__________ is a disability which happens due to polio, high BP. any or more physical organs become less effective.

Question 3

A child with visual impairment:

Question 4

Dyslexia is characterized as

Question 5

What does ADHD stand for?

Question 6

A discrepancy between the actual performance of the student and the expected performance in class is an indicator of _________.

Question 7

Which of the following statement is false regarding children belonging to socio-economic disadvantaged background?

1) Academic performance is positively correlated with intelligence and intelligence is adversely influence by social disadvantage

2) Children’s socio-economic background limits their learning capabilities

3) Socially disadvantaged children, compared with the advantaged ones, are not less intelligent

4) Students belonging to disadvantaged group have inferior calibre and poor academic performance

Question 8

Which of the following causes problematic behavior?

Question 9

Regular education classes combined with special education services is a model often referred as

Question 10

Inclusive education is about
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