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Quiz on Gender : 23.08.2021

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Question 1

A math teacher asks the boys in a co-ed school to fill the forms of Mathematics Olympiads. He believes it is a waste of time for girls to take the examination because they are not good in the subject. This shows that the math teacher is:

Question 2

If a teacher gives preference to the boys for interstate boxing championship, it reflects-

Question 3

Which of the following is an example of gender biasness in teaching?

Question 4

Gender socialization occurs in

Question 5

Gender and sexuality are:

Question 6

As a teacher, how you will avoid gender biasedness in a classroom-

Question 7

To remove the gender differences, the classroom should have:

Question 8

Here are some statements regarding boys and girls. According to you, which one of these is true?

Question 9

Impact of a single gender school may result in –

Question 10

If a school has a gender-biased curriculum is causes-
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