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Quiz on Child Development : 31.08.2020

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Question 1

In how many stages Adolescence is divided?

Question 2

Directions: Answer the following questions by selecting the correct/most appropriate options.
Primary objective of Assessment should be

Question 3

Which among the following are the principles of child development except ?

Question 4

It is said that ' Development is a never-ending process'. Which of the following defines it?

Question 5

Progressive education is _________ against the traditional style of teaching.

Question 6

In the face of a threat, one may retreat to an earlier pattern of adaptation, possibly a childish or primitive one, this is called:

Question 7

What are the educational significance of physical growth and development for a teacher?

Question 8

Something that doesn’t exist independently in the natural world, but is instead an invention of society is known as:

Question 9

Differences which exist among the human beings are generally classified on the basis of

Question 10

Physical and mental characteristics that an individual inherits from his parents are transferred through _______.
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