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Quiz on Child Development : 09.11.2020

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Question 1

In which stage an individual seeks to clarify who he is, what is his role in society?

Question 2

Which of the following is not a teacher made test?

Question 3

Formative Assessment is helpful for -

Question 4

Progressive education is _________ against the traditional style of teaching.

Question 5

How can a teacher promote child centered education among children?

Question 6

In the face of a threat, one may retreat to an earlier pattern of adaptation, possibly a childish or primitive one, this is called:

Question 7

On an average, at birth a baby measure about:

Question 8

A 5 years old boy talks to himself while playing with toys. Which of the following is correct about the behaviour displayed by the boy?

A) Vygotsky explains this as egocentric speech.

B) Vygotsky explains this as the child’s attempt to regulate his actions through private speech.

C) Piaget explain this as egocentric speech

D) Both Vygotsky and Piaget explain this as egocentric speech

Question 9

__________ determines the potential of child, while the __________ influence the extent to which the potential is achieved.

Question 10

_______ is known as interactionist, according to him language is learnt by social interaction?
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