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Quiz on Adolescence : 16.05.2022

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Question 1

In which of the following stage of development, intelligence reaches at its peak. Intellectual powers like logical thinking and abstract reasoning develop?

Question 2

During which period the mental development is completed?

Question 3

Piaget’s identified five characteristics indicators of adolescent cognitive development, which one is not a part of them?

Question 4

Adolescence may experience:

Question 5

What are the physical changes that effect adolescents?

Question 6

Which is not another name of Adolescence?

Question 7

Who coined the term “storm and stress” in adolescence?

Question 8

What is the period of Middle Adolescence?

Question 9

In which stage it is said that “adolescents generally have completed physical development and growth to their full adult height”?

Question 10

How can parents help their children to navigate adolescence?
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