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Quiz on Adolescence : 09.08.2021

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Question 1

What is the period of Middle Adolescence?

Question 2

How can parents help their children to navigate adolescence?

Question 3

The term adolescence is derived from the Latin word:

Question 4

________ is the stage in which the children develop great love of exploring and wandering.

Question 5

What period of life is called the state of hurricane and conflict?

Question 6

According to Erickson, adolescents go through the psychosocial crisis of:

Question 7

What is/are the key issue(s) of adolescent students?

Question 8

According to Erickson, in which stage of psychosocial development the main task of a person is to develop a sense of self?

Question 9

Which of the following is not a problem faced by adolescents?

Question 10

The major physical changes that take place in adolescence are:

i) Growth spurt

ii) Puberty

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