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Question 1

Some children stand in a queue and share a box of chocolates in the following manner: First, Child 1 takes 100 chocolates plus 1/10-th of whatever remains in the box. Then Child 2 takes 200 chocolates plus 1/10-th of whatever remains, then Child 3 takes 300 chocolates plus 1/10-th of whatever remains, and so on for each child in the queue. It turns out that each child gets the same number of chocolates. Then

Question 2

The number of tuples (p, q, r) for which x4 + 4x3 – 2x2 – 12x + 9 is identically equal to (px2 + qx + r)2 is

Question 3

Four couples together drank 44 bottles of Coca Cola. The ladies were named Blue, Red, Pink, and White. The gentlemen were named Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Delta. It was seen that Red had 2, Blue 3, Pink 4, and White 5 bottles to drink. Mr. Delta drank just as many as his wife, but each of the other men drank more than his wife: Mr. Gamma twice, Mr. Beta three times, and Mr. Alpha four times as many bottles. Then

Question 4

A box contains 3 coins. One coin has a head on both sides while the other two coins are normal. A coin is chosen at random from the box and tossed 3 times. If a head turns up all three times what is the probability that this is the two-headed coin?

Question 5

A dealer finds that if he prices an article at (1800–x2)1/2 rupees he can sell x articles per week. Then the value of x at which his revenue is maximum is

Question 6

A rule at the post office registration desk states that any package in the form of a right circular cylinder will not be accepted if the sum of its height and the diameter of its base exceeds 10 inches. The height in inches of a package of maximum volume that would be accepted is

Question 7

There are ten shops in your locality. Each of these shops stocks your brand of cigarette with probability 0.5 independently of the other shops. What is the chance that you would get your brand if you do not want to visit more than two shops?

Question 8

How many of the following statements are True?
(i) if 256 is a perfect square then 1024 is a perfect square
(ii) if 250 is a perfect square then 1000 is a perfect square
(iii) if 257 is a prime number then 1028 is prime

Question 9

A group of k persons wish to build houses, one for each, on a given triangular plot of land. Each side of the plot is 2 km. The agreement between them is that each house would be more than 1 km from the others. Then the maximum value of k for which the agreement can be satisfied is

Question 10

The sum of the real roots of the equations t3 – 3t2 + 3t + 1 = 0 is

Question 11

A number is chosen at random from the 30 numbers {10, 11, … 38, 39}. It is known that the numbers with the same first digit have an equal chance of being chosen. Also, a number with 2 as the first digit is twice as likely to be chosen as one with 1 as the first digit, and a number with 3 as the first digit is three times as likely to be chosen as one with 2 as the first digit.
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The probability that a number divisible by 3 is selected is

Question 12

ABC manufactures toy wagons on a mass scale. Each wagon requires a body, four wheels, one handle and two axles. Body and wheels are bought out and handles and axles are manufactured in-house. Same manufacturing facility is used for handles and axles. The production rates are 200 handles per day and 600 axles per day respectively, if only handles or axles are produced. The different parts are finally assembled in an assembly department whose capacity is 250 wagons per day. Once the system stabilizes, maximum how many toy wagons will the system produce in a day?
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