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Question 1

The remainder when 245 is divided by 5 is

Question 2

If x, y, z are any real numbers then the minimum possible value of x2 + 2y2 + z2 + 2yz subject to x + 2y + z = –6 is

Question 3

When 5555 is divided by 8, the remainder must be

Question 4

Consider the number p = 0.787878 … Then which of the following is true?

Question 5

Let X = the set of real numbers, Y = the set of rational numbers, Z = the set of integers and W = the set of positive numbers. Then which of the following is true?

Question 6

Eight men and two women stand in a ring. Assuming all arrangements are equally likely, what is the probability that the two women are separated by at least three men in both directions?

Question 7

How many integers from 1 to 500 are divisible by exactly two of the three numbers 3, 5 and 7?

Question 8

A fair die has its faces marked 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 and 11. When the die is thrown, the score is the mark on the top face. Given that on the particular occasion, when the die was thrown thrice in succession, the score in each throw was ≤ 5, what is the probability that the total score was 11?

Question 9

The sum of the series 1/(3 × 7) + 1/(7 × 11) + 1/(11 × 15) + … is

Question 10

The sum of all natural numbers between 200 and 400 which are divisible by 11 is

Question 11

The number of 6-digit positive integers other than 556675 that can be formed by rearranging the digits of 556675 so that no digit appears at its original position (for example, 6 cannot occur in the third or fourth position from left) is

Question 12

A boy needs to climb a staircase of 10 stairs. At each step he can cover either one stair or two stairs. The number of different ways in which he can climb the staircase is
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