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Quantitative Aptitude Mix || 21.02.2021

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Question 1

The areas of two similar triangles are 121 square metres and 64 square metres respectively. If the median of the first triangle = 12.1 m, then the corresponding median of the second triangle will be

Question 2

If a trader marks the price of article 60% more than their cost price and allows a discount of 30%, then what is his gain percent?

Question 3

A train crosses a 600 meters long platform in 50 seconds. It crosses another 900 meters long platform in 60 seconds. What are the length and the speed of the train?

Question 4

If cos θ + sec θ = 2, the value of cos6 θ + sec6 θ is

Question 5

The volume of a solid hemisphere is numerically equal to its total surface area. Its radius is

Question 6

Find the unit digit of, (1!)99 + (2!)98 + (3!)97 + ………………+ (99!)1

Question 7

The average age of 24 students is 12 years. It was observed that while calculating the average age, the age of a student was taken as 14 years instead of 8 years. What will be the correct average age (in years)?

Question 8

If the area of in-circle of an equilateral triangle is 49π cm2, then find out the area of the triangle.

Question 9

In two alloys the ratios of copper to tin are 3 : 4 and 1 : 6 respectively. If 7 kg of the first alloy and 21 kg of the second alloy are mixed together to form a new alloy, then what will be the ratio of copper to tin in the new alloy?

Question 10

Two articles are purchased at Rs. 770. Both are sold at same selling prices, however from one article 20% profit is made while from another there is a loss of 10%. Find the overall profit or loss?
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