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Quant Quiz 1 December: Probability

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Question 1

In a recruitment drive, there are 13 candidates out of which 5 are girls and remaining are boys. Two candidates are to be selected for the job then the probability of at least one of them will be a girl is

Question 2

Find the probability that the sum of the two outcomes on two different rolls of a same die will be less than 5.

Question 3

There are total 12 balls of three different colors in a bag out of which 3 are black, 6 are white and remaining yellow. A boy draws 2 balls randomly from the bag. Find the probability that out of two balls at most one ball is yellow.

Question 4

There are total 18 balls in a bag. Out of them 6 are red in colour, 4 are green in colour and 8 are blue in colour. If Vishal picks three balls randomly from the bag, then what will be the probability that all the three balls are not of the same colour?

Question 5

From a group of 3 men, 4 women and 2 children; 4 people are to be chosen to form a committee. What is the probability that the committee contains at least 1 each of man, woman, and children?
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