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QA Free Quiz || Ratio Proportion and Variation

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Question 1

In a flower shop, ratio of number of Lily and Daisy flowers is 5:2. The ratio of flowers with thorn and without thorn is 3:4. 60% of the Daisy flowers has thorns.What is the difference in the number of Lily flowers with thorns and the number of Daisy flowers without thorn, given that there are 160 Daisy flowers without thorn?

Question 2

In a flower shop, the ratio of the numbers of Lily and Daisyflowers is 5:2. The ratio of the numbers of flowers with thorns and without thorns is 3:4. 60% of the Daisy flowers have thorns. What is the ratio of the number of flowers without thorns among the Lilies and the number of flowers with thorns among the Daisies?

Question 3

The value of a coin is directly proportional to the thickness as well as the square of the diameter. Two gold coins are given to a customer. The value of coin1:coin 2 = 9:1 . The diameters of the coins are in the ratio of 5:4 . Find the ratio of the thickness of the coins.

Question 4

Till the age of 25, Arun grows such that his height (in feet) varies as the square root of his age. When Arun was 16 years old, his height was 5 feet 4 inches. What was his height, when he was 25 years old?

Question 5

The charges for a graphics designer are partially fixed and partially variable with the number of hours. The charge is Rs.700 for 5 hours and Rs.600 for 4 hours. Find the charges for 10 hours.
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