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Question 1

An artist agrees to paint 2 walls with 2 different size flowers. He can paint 20 small sized flowers in 5 hours. The bigger size flowers are 33.33% bigger than the small sized flowers. If he needs to draw 200 big flowers and 300 small flowers on each wall. Find how much percent more/less time he is required to draw big flowers compared to small flowers.

Question 2

In a college of 2000 students, an election is conducted to choose the president of the college among Amit and Arun. On the day of the election, 15% of the students were absent and 10% votes were invalid. If Amit wins the election by 230 votes, find the number of votes secured by Arun.

Question 3

A fruit pulp company sells the pulp with 20% water in it after processing, whereas the company buys the raw pulp from the local farmers which consists of 70% water. Find the number of tons of raw pulp that the company needs to buy from the farmer to produce 75 tons of pulp.

Question 4

In an MBA class of 300 students, 70% are men and only 50% of them like tea. None of the women like only tea and 83.33% of the women like coffee. What is the number of students who do not like any of these 2 beverages?

Question 5

The amount of water in fresh grapes is 98% and that in dry grapes is 35%. How many kilograms of fresh grapes are needed to get 8 kg of dry grapes?
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