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Profit Loss & Discount || 17.03.2021

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Question 1

A grocer had 1600 kgs of wheat. He sold a part of it at 20% profit and the rest at 12% profit, so that he made a total profit of 17%. How much wheat (in kg) did he sell at 20% profit?

Question 2

A fruit vendor sells Guava at the rate of 25Rs for 5 guavas. Overall he gained 50% profit in this deal. Calculate the cost price of one dozen Guavas.

Question 3

A shopkeeper allows 18% discount on the marked price of an article and still makes a profit of 23%. If he gains Rs. 18.40 on the sale of the article, then what is the marked price of the article?

Question 4

After a discount of 23% an article is sold for Rs 1848. What is the marked price (in Rs) of the article?

Question 5

A shopkeeper marks up his wares by 60% and offers 25% discount. What will be the selling price, if the cost price is 540.

Question 6

A villager buys a goat and a sheep together for Rs 14,250. He sold the sheep at a profit of 10% and the goat at a loss of 20%. If he sold both the animals atthe same price, then what was the cost price of the cheaper animal?

Question 7

If a fruit seller sells mangoes at Rs.187 per kg he suffers 15% loss. If he sells at Rs. 264 per kg, then what is his approximate profit percentage?

Question 8

Sonu purchased bicycles at the rate of Rs. 1836 each from a manufacturing company. He raised the price by 40% and then allowed a discount of 12% on each bicycle. His profit will be:

Question 9

By selling cloth at Rs. 9 per meter, a shopkeeper loses 10%. Find the rate at which it should be sold so as to earn a profit of 15%?

Question 10

A shopkeeper purchases an article at 25% discount and marks its price 40% above its original price. If he sells the article at a discount of 20%, then find the percentage profit of the shopkeeper.
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