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Profit Loss & Discount || 03.03.2021

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Question 1

By selling 10 articles for a rupee, a man incurred a loss of 16%. To make a gain of 20%, the number of articles to be sold for a rupee is:

Question 2

A shopkeeper marks up his wares by 60% and offers 10% discount. What will be the selling price (in Rs) if the cost price is Rs 7500?

Question 3

A vendor buys oranges at the rate of 5 for Rs 6 and sells at the rate of 2 for Rs 3. What will be the result?

Question 4

The successive discount of 15%, 20% and 25% on an article is equivalent to the single discount of

Question 5

An article is sold at a profit of 30%. If both cost price and selling price of the article are decreased by Rs.100, the profit now would be 45%. The original cost price of the article is:

Question 6

Pooja wants to sell a mobile phone at a profit of 20%. If she bought it at 10% less and sold it at Rs. 1200 less, but still she gained 20%. The original cost price of mobile is:

Question 7

If on a Sale there is 40% discount on the marked price of Rs 1000, but the sale is done at Rs 510 only then what additional discount (in %) did the customer get?

Question 8

By selling a bag at Rs. 230, profit of 15% is made. The selling price of the bag, when it is sold at 20% profit would be

Question 9

A shopkeeper buys two books for Rs. 300. He sells the first book at a profit of 20% and the second book at a loss of 10%. What is the selling price of the first book, if, the whole transaction there is no profit no loss?

Question 10

Cost price of 28 articles is equal to Sale price of 21 articles, then percentage of profit is
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