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Profit & Loss || 20.07.2021

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Question 1

A man sells three articles, one at a loss of 25%, another at a profit of 20% and the third one at a loss of 10%. If the selling price of all the three articles is same, find by how much percentage is their average Cost Price lower than or higher than their average Selling Price.

Question 2

Anil bought 100 eggs at Rs.6 per egg. He sold 25 eggs at 10% profit, another 25 eggs at 25% loss and the remaining 50 eggs at 20% profit. What is the overall profit or loss of Anil?

(A) 6.25% Loss

(B) 6.25% Profit

(C) 8% Profit

(D) 12% Loss

Question 3

The marked price of an article is 20% and 56% above the selling price and cost price, respectively of the article. If the discount allowed by the shopkeeper is Rs. 416, then find the amount of profit earned by the shopkeeper.

Question 4

If a retailer offers a discount of 32% on the marked price of his goods and thus ends up selling at cost price, what was the % markup price?

Question 5

The overall billing value for purchasing 500 tables at Rs. 75 per table less 10 % and 20%. Due to festive season retailer also plans to offer 8 % discount on tables for full payment at the time of purchasing tables. The full payment for purchasing 500 tables will be?

Question 6

A manufacturer fixes his selling price at 33% over the cost of production. If cost of production goes up by 12% and manufacturer raises his selling price by 10%, his percentage profit is

Question 7

A car seller gains 28% by selling a car for Rs. 4, 48,000. If the profit is reduced to 18%, find the selling price of car.

Question 8

A bed is marked at Rs. 7,500. The shopkeeper allows successive discounts of 8%, 5% and 2% on it. What is the selling price?

Question 9

A shopkeeper sells sugar in such a way that the selling price of 950g of sugar is equal to the cost price of 1 kg of sugar. What is his gain per cent?

Question 10

A radio dealer sold a radio at a loss of 2.5%. Had he sold it for Rs. 100 more, he would have gained In order to gain he should sell it for
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