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SSC Toppers Quiz 2023: Physics

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Question 1

Which instrument is used to measure altitudes in aircraft?

Question 2

Laws of electrolysis is given by______.

Question 3

Red light is used in traffic signal for stopping the traffic because ____.

Question 4

The shape of a rain drop is spherical due to

Question 5

The penetrating powers of α, β and γ-radiations, in decreasing order, are______.

Question 6

A fuse wire is made of:

Question 7

The energy that can harness heat stored below the earth's surface is known as:

Question 8

Which of the following instrument is used to measure humidity?

Question 9

Fat can be separated from milk in a cream separator because of:

Question 10

Direct conversion of solar energy with the use of a photo voltaic cell results in the production of
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