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Physics Quiz || 27.03.2020

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Question 1

Heinrich Rudolph laid the foundation for the future development of radio, telephone and telegraph. The SI unit of _____ was named as ‘hertz’ in his honour.

Question 2

Identify the SI unit of electrical resistance.

Question 3

Which of the following instruments measures infra-red radiation?

Question 4

A reversible and an irreversible engine are working between the same limits of temperature. The efficiency of

Question 5

Hydraulic brakes used in automatic vehicles is direct virtual application of which law?

Question 6

The force of attraction between an electron revolving around the nucleus and the nucleus is a _______ force?

Question 7

Which of the following elements has the highest electrical conductivity?

Question 8

Which is the most suitable unit for expressing nuclear radius?

Question 9

Sounds of frequencies below 20 Hz are called _________

Question 10

Which type of mirror is used by dentists to see large images of teeth?
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