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Physics Quiz

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Question 1

Lactometers (used to determine the purity of a sample of milk) and hydrometers (used to determine the density of liquids) are based on the _______ principle.

Question 2

The weight of an object on the moon is equal to _______ of its weight on the earth.

Question 3

Twin paradox is associated with:

Question 4

At what temperature does iron melt?

Question 5

During the occurrence of thunder and lightning_______ .

Question 6

The process of transformation of a substance in a gaseous state into a liquid state due to change in pressure or temperature of the substance is called:

Question 7

What will happen if a glass bottle is completely filled with water, sealed with a lid and put into a freezer?

Question 8

Which of the following is the unit of Magnetic field strength?

Question 9

Identify the SI unit of electrical resistance.

Question 10

The sun heats the earth through________.
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