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Percentage || 13.04.2021

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Question 1

Price of a commodity has increased by 60%. By what percent must a consumer reduce the consumption of the commodity so as not to increase the expenditure?

Question 2

A is 20% more than B, B is 25% more than C, C is 60% less than D and D is 20% more than E. Based on the above information, which of the following is true?

Question 3

If 62.5% of a number is added with itself, then result becomes 3380. find the original number?

Question 4

A spends 65% of his income. His income is increased by 20.1% and his expenditure is increased by 25%. His savings :

Question 5

In a family, there are total consumption of 35 kg wheat and 12 kg of sugar every month. If the price of sugar is  more than that of wheat. And if he spends total Rs. 765 on the wheat and sugar every month. If the price of sugar in increased by %. Find the percentage of reduction on the wheat consumption so the expenditure remains the same.

Question 6

In an examination, 60% of the students passed in maths and 70 % of the students passed in science, but 20% failed in both of these subjects. If 2500 students passed in both the subjects then find the number of students who appeared at the examination.

Question 7

10% of the soldiers of an army are killed in the battle. 10% of the remaining soldiers died of disease and 10% of the remaining men were disabled. Now only 729000 soldiers are left in the army. How many soldiers were there in all in the army in the beginning?

Question 8

A number is increased by x%, to get the original number it should be reduced by how much percentage?

Question 9

The base of a pyramid is square, if the side of the base is increased by 2/5 times, then find the % change in the height, so that volume only increases by 60%?

Question 10

Monthly income of Ramesh is Rs. 5000 and he spends it in ratio of 2:5 on clothes and food. If price of clothes and food is increased by 10% and 20% respectively, then by how much percentage his income should be increased so that the ratio of his expenditure remains the same?
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