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Question 1

A and B jointly start a business. The investment of A is equal to seven times the investment of B. Find the share of A (in) in the annual profit of ₹2,75,000.

Question 2

A, B and C started a business with initial investment of Rs 20000, Rs. 25000 and Rs. 10000, respectively. After 5 months from start, A invested Rs. 4000 more. After 6 months from start C, invested Rs. 8000 more. After 4 months from start, B withdrew Rs. 8000. At the end of the year, they will receive a profit of Rs. ‘x’. In what ratio they will share the profits?

Question 3

Three partners A, B and C divide ₹2,21,000 amongst themselves in such a way that if ₹2,000, ₹3,000 and ₹4,000 are removed from the sums that A, B and C received, respectively, then the share of the sums that they will get are in the ratio 11 : 18 : 24. How much (in ₹) did B receive?

Question 4

X invest 1/4 part of total investment for 1/4 of total time duration, Y invest 1/5 part for 1/2 of total time duration & Z invest rest of investments for whole time duration. If total profit is Rs. 5700 then find the difference between profit of X & Z.

Question 5

Amit started a dairy business by investing Rs. 70000. After that, he added Rs. 10000 every year in his investment. After 3 years his friend Prashant joined him with an amount of Rs. 100000. Thereafter, from this year Amit did not invest any additional amount. After 6 years they earned a total profit of Rs. 135000. Find Amit’s share in the profit.

Question 6

Rajan Started a business with an investment of Rs.80, 000 and after four months Naman joined him. After two more months later Bittu joined them. Now at the end of the year the ratio of the profits of Rajan, Naman and Bittu was 5 : 4 : 4 . What was the sum of the amounts invested by Naman and Bittu ?

Question 7

Akash starts a business with Rs 85000 and Payal joins him with Rs 102000. If the profit at the end of a year is divided in the ratio 1 : 1, then after how many months did Payal join Akash?

Question 8

Arnav, Baman, Cheteshwar & Durgeshwar started a business with investment in the ratio 4:5:6:9. After 4 months, Arnav withdraws 25% of his investment, after another 3 months, Baman also withdraws 20% of his investment, after another 2 months Durgeshwar invested 33.33% of his present investment and at the end of 10th months, Cheteshwar quits. Find their profit sharing ratio at the end of the year?

Question 9

Two partners A & B invested Rs. 175000 and Rs. 119000 respectively in a business and agreed that 65% of the profit should be divided equally between them and the remaining profit is to be treated as interest on capital. If A gets Rs. 300 more than B, then find total profit made in the business.

Question 10

Three friends A, B, C and D invested money in a business in the ratio 5:7:6:8. After six months C withdraw half of his money. If A invested Rs. 40,000 in the business. D doubled his money in the business after eight months and total profit is Rs. 1,63,000 at the end of the year then what is the share of C in the business?
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