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Partnership || 10.03.2021

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Question 1

Raman, Rohit and Raja are partners and invest in a business. Raman invests 1/2th of total and Rohit invest 1/3th of the total. What is the ratio of profit of Raman, Rohit and Raja respectively?

Question 2

Nikhil and Roshan started a business with capitals of Rs.48, 000 and Rs.56,000 respectively. By the end of the year, they earned a profit of Rs.26, 000. Find the share of Nikhil in the profit

Question 3

Rahul, Garima and Radhika contract a work for Rs. 26000. Rahul and Garima together are to do 7/13 of the work. What is Radhika’s share?

Question 4

Aman and Nishant started a poultry farm and both of them invested Rs. 20,000 and Rs.25,000 respectively. After a year Aman has got Rs.6000 as his share from the total profit. Find the total profit earned ?

Question 5

In a business, Pritam invests 1/3rd of the total capital for 1/3rd of the time. Raman invests 1/4th of the capital for half of the time and Raghav invests the remaining capital for the whole time. What is the share of Raghav in the total profit of Rs.7050?

Question 6

Three partner P, Q and R start a business by investing the capital in 7:1:3. At the end of the business they receive the profit in the ratio of 21:4:15. Find the ratio of the time for which they contributed their capitals.

Question 7

Suman started a business with Chandan. Their investments are 78000 and 65000 respectively. After some months Suman quits from business and got 40% of total annual profit, then find after how many months he quits?

Question 8

Mike and Harvey are partners of a firm. While Mike is the passive partner who takes a salary of 96,000$ per annum and 2.4% profit, Harvey takes 60% of the profits. What should be the monthly profit of the firm if Harvey makes 5 times more money than Mike?

Question 9

Three partners Chris, Henry and Daisy decided to invest in the ratio 3:2:4 respectively. The profit was split in the ratio 1:3:2 according to certain rules. If the total investment was 9,000,000$ and the total profit was 1,200,000$, then the profit earned by Chris is approximately how much percent of the investment done by Chris?

Question 10

Sanjay and Raju started a business and invested Rs. 20000 and Rs. 25000 respectively. After 4 months Raju left and Naresh joined by investing Rs. 15000. At the end of the year there was a profit of Rs. 4600. What is the share of Naresh?
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