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Question 1

Yogesh is taller than Alpesh but shorter than Dharmesh. Suresh is shorter than Rajesh. Harish is not as tall as Alpesh. Ramesh is taller than Dharmesh but shorter than Suresh.

Height-wise, who is in the middle?

Question 2

Among four friends, Govind is twice the age of Krishan. Nandu is half of the age of Krishan. Gwala is 6 years elder to Krishan, but 6 years younger to Govind. Who is the youngest?

Question 3

Bhagwat, Veena, Jaya and Amit scored different marks in an exam. Veena did not score more than Amit. Bhagwat did not score more than Jaya. Jaya did not score more marks than Veena. Who scored the second highest marks in the exam?

Question 4

Rakesh is sitting on 25th place from right end and Rohan is sitting on 15th place from left end. If they interchange their places Rakesh becomes 38th from right end then what is number of students?

Question 5

Total 42 students are standing in a line facing east. Neha’s position is 16th from the right end. Vinita is standing at 26th position from the left. If mangala is standing at the 7th place to the right of Neha, what is Mangala’s position from the left end of the row?

Question 6

In a row of boys, P is 24th from the right and Q is 30th from the left. If they interchange their positions, then P becomes 20th from the right. Then what position will Q be from left?

Question 7

A is not elder to D, A is elder to C, C is not elder to A, B is not elder to C. Who is the eldest?

Question 8

David Willey is elder than Yuzvendra Chahal and younger than David Warner. Yuzvendra Chahal is elder than Marcus and Shreyas Iyer. Shreyas Iyer is elder than Marcus. Who is the youngest among them?

Question 9

In a row of forty-two boys, A is seventh from the right end and B is seventeenth from the left end. How many boys are there between A and B?

Question 10

In a row of girls, Kamla is 9th from the left and Veena is 16th from the right. If they interchange their positions, Kamla becomes 25th from the left. How many girls are there in the row?

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