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Question 1

In a shop, there were 4 dolls of different heights A, B, C and D. D is neither as tall as A nor as short as C. B is shorter than D but taller than C. If Ankush wants to purchase the tallest doll, which one should he purchased?

Question 2

Five boys took part in a race. Raj finished before Mohit but behind Gaurav. Ashish finished before Sanchit but behind Mohit. Who won the race?

Question 3

In a row of thirty boys, S is tenth from the right end and there are fifteen boys between S and Q. Q is the left of S. What is Q’s position from the left end of the row?

Question 4

Matt and Jill are in a row of people. Matt is 18th from the left side and Jill is 24th from the right side. If they interchange their places, Matt becomes 30th from the left, find the total number of people in the row?

Question 5

P, Q, R, S and T are standing in a line. P is taller than S but shorter than Q. T is shorter than S but taller than R. Who is the second tallest of them all ?

Question 6

Ram is taller than Shyam. Rahim is taller than Ram. Karim is taller than Shokat but smaller than Shyam. Who is the tallest?

Question 7

Among 5 boys, Vasant is taller than Manohar, but not as tall as Raju. Jayant is taller than Dutta but shorter than Manohar. Who is the tallest in the group?

Question 8

Madhavi and Shalini are good in Dramatics and Computer Science. Anjana and Madhavi are good in Computer Science and Physics. Anjana, Purnima and Nirmala are good in Physics and History. Nirmala and Agana are good in Physics and Maths. Purnima and Shalini are good in History and Dramatics.
Who is good in Physics, Dramatics and Computer Science?

Question 9

In a row of 15 children, when Raju was shifted three places towards right, he became 8th from the right end. What was his earlier position from the left end of the row?

Question 10

In a class of 75 students Ruhi is on 10th position from top and Rakhi’s position is 44th from bottom. Moni is on exact middle position between them. What is position of Moni from top end?
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