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Question 1

In a class of n students, Lalu’s rank is 42 from the top. Hamid’s rank is 19 from the bottom. There are 29 students between Lalu and Hamid. Find the value of n.

Question 2

Vikram is 13th from left side and Kamal is 20th from the right side in a row. They decided to interchange their positions, now Vikram becomes 17th from the left side. What will kamal’s position from the right side.

Question 3

Area wise, Rajasthan is larger than Madhya Pradesh which is larger than Chhattisgarh. Area of Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand are same. Bihar is larger than Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand. Area of Chhattisgarh is larger than Goa by 500 square kilometre. Which has the smallest area?

Question 4

In a row of forty girls, P is fifth from the right end and Q is fifteenth from the left end. How many girls are there between P and Q?

Question 5

Aman, Rohit, Suresh, Danish and Alok are arranged in descending order of weight from top to bottom. Aman is third from the top. Alok is between Danish and Aman while Danish is not at the top. Who is at the top?

Question 6

Vicky is taller than Sandy but shorter than Umar. Umar is taller than Ranjit but shorter than Guju. Sandy is taller than Ranjit. Who is the shortest person in the group?

Question 7

P ranks 13th from the top in one exam, Q ranks 11th from the bottom. If there are 4 ranks in between P and Q. How many students take the exam?

Question 8

In a row Parul is 11th from the left end, Gopal is 14th from the right end, Sona is sitting 16th from the right of Parul and Vijay is sitting 10th from the left of Gopal. Akash is sitting in the middle of Sona and Vijay. What is the position of Akash with respect to Gopal if there are 58 people sitting in that row?

Question 9

A is five ranks ahead of B who ranks 20th in a class of forty students. What is A’s rank from the last?

Question 10

A got more marks than B who got more marks than C. D got less marks than C who got less marks than A. E got less marks than C but more marks than F. Who got highest marks?
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