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Question 1

B is not taller than A and D is not taller than C and B. C is not taller than B and A is not smaller than B. Who is the smallest?

Question 2

In five cities A is more populated than B which is less populated then E.D is more populated than E but not as populated as A.C is less populated than B. Which city has highest population?

Question 3

In a row of boys, Shiv is 7th from the left and Saurabh is 9th from the right. When they exchange their positions, Shiv becomes 15th from left. What will be the Saurabh’s new position from right?

Question 4

In a row of 40 boys, Satish was shifted 10 places to the right of Rohan and Kewal was shifted 10 places to the left of Vilas. If Vilas was twenty-sixth from the left and there were three boys between Kewal and Satish after shifting, what was the position of Rohan in the row?

Question 5

Garima is taller than Sarita but not taller than Reena. Reena and Tanya are of the same height. Garima is shorter than Anu. Among all the girls, who is the shortest?

Question 6

L, M, N, O and P are standing in a line. L is taller than O but shorter than M. P is shorter than O but taller than N. Who is the second shortest of them all?

Question 7

In a row of persons, position of L from left side of the row is 9th & position of M from right side of the row is 8th. If N is sitting just in middle of L & M and position of N from left side of the row is 15th. Find the total number of persons in the row.

Question 8

Out Of the six member of a panel sitting in a row E is to the immediate left of B but on the immediate right A. F is on the immediate right of B but in the immediate left of the G who is to be left of C .Find the member sitting right in middle.

Question 9

Barun is taller than Sanjay. Bipul is taller than Barun. Krishna is also not as tall as Bipul, but is taller than Barun. Who is the tallest?

Question 10

Seema's younger brother Sohan is older than Seeta. Sweta is younger than Deepti but elder than Seema. Who is the eldest ?
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