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One Shot Marathon Series Test - EMFT (ECE)

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Question 1

The electric field component of a time harmonic plane EM wave travelling in a non-magnetic lossless dielectric medium has amplitude of 2 V/m. If the relative permittivity of the medium is 4, the magnitude of the time-average power density vector (in W/m2) is?

Question 2

In transmission on line (r = 1) the electric field intensity is sin(108 t – 4z)aV/m displacement current density magnitude will be If p =1

Question 3

The material having relative permittivity is 14 and the conductivity is. It is operating at microwave frequency of, and then this material will behave as

Question 4

A telephone line has the following below parameters. If the line is operating at a frequency of, then the phase velocity on the line is?

Question 5

In free space the electric field and magnetic field are given by and. The value of and such that the field will satisfy the Maxwell’s equations are respectively.

Question 6

A square loop of 2 m side is placed in xy – plane with its centre at the origin and sides along the coordinate axes. If the magnetic flux density in the region is given by,


The emf included in the loop at t = 10 sec will be _________ mV.

Question 7

In a material the magnetic field intensity is H = 1400 A/m when magnetic flux density B = 2 Wb/m2. When the H is reduced to 700 A/m at B = 1.4 Wb/m2, the change in permeability is __________.

Question 8

For the medium with and and then value of β in rad/m will be:

Question 9

The energy stored in (mJ) in a magnetic field of toroidal iron ring (μ2 = 800) 20 cm, mean radius and a radius for the winding of 2 cm, wound with 1000 turns of wire carrying a current of 2.5 A is

Question 10Multiple Correct Options

Determine the electric field intensity at a distance of 10 km from an antenna having a directive gain of 5 dB and radiating a total power of 20 kW

Question 11

A circular cross section conductor of radius 1.5 mm carries a current Ic = 5.5 sin(4 * sin 1010 t) μA. What is the amplitude of the displacement current density if σ = 35 MS/m and ϵr = 1

Question 12

At the surface of a perfect conductor

Question 13

For what value of k, the following pair of fields satisfies Maxwell’s equation in a region where σ = 0 and ρv = 0.


μ = 0.25 H/m and ϵ = 0.01 F/m

Question 14

The correct statement among the following is

Question 15

A uniform plane wave in region-1 is incident on the planner boundary separating regions –1 and 2. Considering the medium to be a non-magnetic medium and σ1 = σ2 = 0. If the ratio of is 8.21, then the power transmitted in region-2 is

Question 16

A perfectly conducting filament containing a small 500 Ω resistor is formed into a square as shown in figure. If the magnetic flux density , then the rms value of induced emf in the loop is________ volt.

Question 17

A medium characterized by ϵr = 3, μr = 1, σ = 0.2 S/M

The phase angle by which Electric field lead the magnetic field at 200 MHz in degree is______

Question 18

The electric field component of a plane wave travelling in a lossy medium is.

The loss targent of the medium is?

Question 19

For an electric field E = Eo sinωt. What is the phase difference (in degrees) between the conduction current and displacement current ?

Question 20

Consider a material with with relative permeability Then at what frequency (in Hz) the depth of penetration will be 3 mm.

Question 21

Two lines are Connected as shown

If ZB = 50Ω, find the value of ZA such that there will be no reflected wave is ________ Ω

Question 22

A transmission line having characteristic impedance ZO = 50Ω is operating at 200 MHz is terminated by series combination of a 75 Ω resistor and a variable capacitor. The value of capacitor ‘C’ that will produce SWR of 6 on the line is _________ (PF)

Question 23

The current standing wave pattern of a lossless transmission line with Zo = 200 Ω and a resistive load is shown as

The value of load resistance is __________Ω

Question 24Multiple Correct Options

The surfaces ρ = 3 and 5, ϕ = 100° and 130° and z = 3 and 4.5. Find the volume enclosed, total area of the enclosing surface and total length of the twelve edges of the surface.

Question 25Multiple Correct Options

A transmission line has a characteristic impedance of 50 Ω and is terminated by a load impedance of (75 – j50) Ω. Calculate reflection coefficient (ρ) and standing wave ratio (S)?
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