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Number System || 09.02.2021

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Question 1

When a number is increased by 105, it becomes 135% of itself. What is the number?

Question 2

If A’s income is 20% more than that of B, by how much percent is B’s income less than that of A?

Question 3

The population of a town increases every year by 4%. If its present population is 50000, then after 2 yr it will be:

Question 4

A fraction in reduced form is such that when it is squared and then its numerator is increased by 25% and the denominator is reduced to 80% it results in 5/8 of the original fraction. The product of numerator and denominator of the original fraction is

Question 5

If increasing 20 by P percentage gives the same result as decreasing 60 by P percentage, what is P percentage of 70?

Question 6

A student multiplied a number by 5/8 instead of 8/5. What is the percentage error in the calculation?

Question 7

Two labourers A and B are paid a total of Rs. 750 per day. If A is paid 150 percent of what is paid to B, how much (in Rs) is B paid?

Question 8

a% of b + b% of a = ______

Question 9

When 40% of a number is added to another number the second number increases by its 20%. What is the ratio between the first and second numbers?

Question 10

If each of the length and breadth of a rectangle is increased by 50% by what percent does its area increase ?
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