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NLC Technical Quiz 4

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Question 1

Find .

Question 2

For any fixed degree of induction short compensation, additional series capacitor compensates

Question 3

The principle of operation of a 3-phase induction motor is most similar to that of a:

Question 4

The armature of DC motor has 20Ω resistance. It draws current of 2.5A when run by 220V DC supply. The value of back emf induced in it will be

Question 5

for a single line to ground fault the zero-sequence current is given by j 4.0 pu. The current carried by neutral during the fault is

Question 6

The surge impedance of 500 miles long line is 400Ω. For a 100 miles length it will be:

Question 7

The master-slave flip-flop consists of

Question 8

The early effect in a bipolar junction transistor is caused by

Question 9

A 200 KV, 0.20 µsec rectangular surge on a transmission line has surge impedance of 400Ω. If appeached a generating station with capacitance of 500 pF. The transmitted voltage will be

Question 10

The turn-off time is longer than the turn ON time in SCR.
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