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NIELIT 2020 Mini Mock-4

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Question 1

Merge sort uses

Question 2

Choose the most appropriate definition of plane graph.

Question 3

Many resistors connected in series will?

Question 4

A three-address code has _________ address locations to calculate the expression.

Question 5

When a host on network A sends a message to a host on network B, which address does the router look at?

Question 6

A non-pipeline processor has a clock rate 4 MHz and an average CPI of 5 . An upgrade to the processor introduce 5 stage pipeline. How ever due to internal delay the clock rate of the new processor has to be reduces to 3 MHz. What is the speed-up of pipeline over non-pipeline?

Question 7

Of the following sort algorithms, which has execution time that is least dependent on initial ordering of the input ?

Question 8

What is the average case time complexity of merge sort?

Question 9

The process of dividing an analog signal into a string of discrete outputs, each of constant amplitude, is called:

Question 10

The sequence of operations in which PCM is done is

Question 11

Heap allocation is required for languages that

Question 12

Consider the following statements:

S1- LALR (1) parser are more powerful than LR(1) parsers.

S2- Every SLR(1) grammar is a LR(1) grammar, but every LR(1) grammar is not necessarily SLR(1).

Which of the following statements is correct?

Question 13

A six-face fair dice is rolled a large number of times. The mean value of the outcomes is ______.

Question 14

A Binary Counter is being Pulsed by a 256 kHz Clock Signal. The Output Frequency from the Last Flip-flop is 2 kHz. What is the MOD number?

Question 15

Select the ‘False’ statement from the following statements about Normal Forms:

Question 16

The performance of a pipelined processor suffers if?

Question 17

Match the problem domains in GROUP I with the solution technologies in GROUP II
Group - I
(P) Service oriented computing
(Q) Heterogeneous communicating systems
(R) Information representation
(S) Process Description
Group - II
(1) Interoperability
(2) BPMN
(3) Publish-find-bind
(4) XML

Question 18

Consider the grammar defined by the following production

X X # Y | Y

Y Y $ Z | Z

Z W & Z |W

W id

Which of the following is true?

Question 19

In an alloy, there is a 14% of copper. To get 63kg of copper, how much alloy will be required?

Question 20

The ratio of ages of Mr. and Mrs. Dutta is 8 : 7. After 10 years from now, the raio will be 21 : 19. At the time of their marriage, this ratio was 7 : 6. How many years ago they were married.

Question 21

A vessel contains 20 liters of a mixture of milk and water in the ratio 3:2. 10 liters of the mixture are removed and replaced with an equal quantity of pure milk. Find the ratio of milk and water in the final mixture obtained?

Question 22

If the selling price of an article is 8% more than the cost price and the discount offered is 10% on the marked price of the article, then what is the ratio of the cost price to the marked price?

Question 23

Anu spends 68% of her monthly income. If her monthly income increases by 20% and her monthly savings increase by , then the percentage increase in her monthly expenditure is:

Question 24

The ration of ages of the father and mother an year ago was 11:10 when their son was born. The ratio of ages of the father and mother will be 19:18 when the son will be 2 years old. What is the ratio of present ages of father and mother?

Question 25

40 litres of 60% concentration of acid solution is added to 35 litres of 80% concentration of acid solutions. What is the concentration of acid in the new solutions?

Question 26

By selling 18 table fans for Rs.11,664 a man incurs a loss of 10%. How many fans should he sell for Rs.17,424 to earn 10% profit?

Question 27

A & B can do 1/5th of work in 10 days, B & C can do 40% of work in 40 days and C & A can do the 1/4th of work in 15 days. Who will complete the work first?

Question 28

A boat covers 21 km upstream and 30 km downstream in 7 hrs, while it covers 14 km upstream and 12 km downstream in hrs. Find the speed (in km/hr) of the current.

Question 29

Three players Ram, Shyam and Ravi played cricket. The ratio of the runs scored by Ram and Shyam is 4:3, the ratio of the run scored by shyam and Ravi is 2:3, together they score 1081 runs. How many runs did Ravi scored?

Question 30

If the marked price of an article is Rs. 3562 which is sold at Rs. 2422.16 after two successive discounts. If first discount is 15% then the second discount is
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