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Question 1

Which of the following is the characteristic of gifted learners?

Question 2

The term “g” in the spearman’s theory of Intelligence refers to –

Question 3

According to Cognitivism, learning is defined as a change in the learners’ _________.

Question 4

Choose the appropriate option that rewrites the given sentence in its passive voice.

I was given a lift by my colleague when I was late to college yesterday.

Question 5

Choose the option that best transforms the sentence into its Indirect form:

“Stand here and don’t move,” He said to her.

Question 6

Direction: Choose the appropriate tense to fill in the blank in the given sentence:

Akshay _____ up at 6o’ clock every morning.

Question 7

How can you be an advocate for your special child?

Question 8

What is the scientific name of Teak?

Question 9

What is the percentage of classified forest in Madhya Pradesh?

Question 10

"वह मेरे पास आया था" वाक्य की क्रिया किस काल की है?

Question 11

ऐसे कौन-से शब्द हैं, जिनका प्रयोग स्त्रीलिंग और पुल्लिंग दोनों रूपों में होता है?

Question 12

निर्देश: सही वर्तनी वाले शब्द का चयन करें।

Question 13

Speed of a boat along the current is 20 km/hr and against the current is 14km/hr. Then the speed of the current in km/hr is:

Question 14

The difference between two whole numbers is 66. The ratio of the two numbers is 5 : 2, what are the two numbers?

Question 15

In an election between two candidates one candidates secured 45% of the total votes polled and lost the election by 3000 votes. Find the total numbers of votes polled?
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