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Morning GA Dose- Banking Awareness: 4th May 2020

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Question 1

Which bank is going to acquire 29 per cent stack in in Max Life Insurance Company Limited, this become a joint venture partner in the insurance company?

Question 2

What amount of liquidity facility has been announced by the Reserve Bank of India for mutual funds?

Question 3

Which of the following becomes the 1st non-bank company to receive Reserve Bank of India (RBI) nod to enter into co-branding arrangements for prepaid Instruments?

Question 4

Which bank has launched Working Capital demand Loan for agriculture sector, a special credit facility for the agriculture sector & allied activities?

Question 5

Which of the following Grameen Bank has launched ‘Vikas Abhaya’ a loan scheme to provide some relief to Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise(MSME) borrowers.

Question 6

As per the IMF report titled ‘COVID-19 Pandemic and the Asia-Pacific Region: Lowest Growth Since the 1960s’ what will the growth of Asia region in 2020?

Question 7

What amount has been decided to allocate by the BRICS countries towards setting up a special loan instrument to facilitate the rebuilding of their economies hit by pandemic?

Question 8

To enhance its response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Government of India has signed a $1.5 billion loan with which of the following organization?

Question 9

Which public sector company has called for global expressions of interest (EoI) to provide20 Hydrogen Fuel Cell (FC) based electric buses & electric cars to operate them in Delhi and Leh?

Question 10

Which company has acquired entire (100%) equity shares of Larsen & Toubro Capital Markets (LTCM) for Rs 230 crores?
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