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Question 1

In what ratio must water be mixed with milk, costing 32 per litre, in order to get a mixture costing 28 per litre?

Question 2

A mixture of acid and water contains 20 percent acid. When 10 litres of water is added to the mixture, then the percentage of acid becomes 15 percent. What is the original quantity of mixture?

Question 3

Find the ratio in which pulses at ₹80 per kg can be mixed with pulses at ₹95 per kg to get a mixture worth ₹85 per kg.

Question 4

The total number of students of 10th class in school A and school B is 120. The number of students in school A is 30 more than that of school B. The average score of the students in school B, in an exam, is 22.22% less than that of students in A. If average score of all the students of class 10th of school A and B is 66, then what is the average score of the students of class 10th in school B

Question 5

One quality of rice at 45 per kg is mixed with another quality at a certain rate in the ratio of 3:2 . If the mixture so formed is worth ₹50 per kg, what is the rate per kg of the second quality of rice?

Question 6

P and Q are two alloys of aluminium and copper. The ratios of aluminium and copper in P and Q are 5 : 11 and 3 : 5, respectively. If a third alloy is formed by mixing alloys P and Q in the ratio of 1 : 3, then aluminium is what percentage (rounded off to the nearest integer) of the copper in the third alloy ?

Question 7

A bag contains ₹5 and ₹10 coins for a total of 40 coins and a total amount of ₹310 . What is the difference between the amount made up of all ₹10 coins and the amount made up of all ₹5 coins?

Question 8

A solution of 45% alcohol is mixed with a solution of 60% alcohol in the ratio of 2 : 3. In what ratio should the resultant solution be mixed with a 72% alcohol solution to get a 66% alcohol solution?

Question 9

If 80 litres of milk solution has 60% milk in it, then how much milk should be added to make milk 80% in the solution?

Question 10

A 100 ml solution of H2 SO4 having concentration of 20% is mixed with a 50% concentrated x ml mixture such that the net mixture is 30% concentrated. Determine x.
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