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Mixture & Alligation || 05.02.2021

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Question 1

The ratio of petrol and kerosene in the container is 3:2. When 10 liters of the mixture is taken out and is replaced by the kerosene, the ratio become 2:3. Then total quantity of the mixture in the container is:

Question 2

Milk and water is filled into two vessels of same capacity in which water and milk are in the ratio of 3: 7 and 2: 5. If the mixtures from both the vessels are poured into another container then what will be the ratio of milk and water in the new container?

Question 3

A car agency has 108 cars. He sold some cars at 10 % profit and some cars at 19 % profit. If the overall profit on the sale of cars is 16%, then find the number of cars sold at 19% profit.

Question 4

A vessel contains 240 litres of mixture containing milk and water in the ratio of 5: x, respectively. 48 litres of mixture is taken out from this vessel and put into another vessel P. When 12 litres of water is added in vessel P then ratio of milk to water is found to be 2: 1, respectively. Find the value of x.

Question 5

In what ratio should sugar costing Rs.40 per kg be mixed with sugar costing Rs.48 per kg, so as to earn a profit of 20% by selling the mixture at Rs.54 per kg?

Question 6

Three containers P, Q and R which contain spirit, water and alcohol respectively. the quantity of each is 140 ltr. If 10% spirit is taken out from P and poured into container Q. Then, again 10% from Q is transferred to R, from which again 10% is transferred to P. What is the proportion of water in container P at the end of the process?

Question 7

In a zoo, there are lions and parrots. If counted, there are 100 heads and 290 legs. How many parrots are there?

Question 8

A mixture is composed of 11 parts of pure milk and 2 parts of water. If 35 litres of water was added to the mixture then the new mixture will contain twice as much pure milk as water, then how many litres of pure milk does the original mixture contain?

Question 9

In 2 kg mixture of copper and iron, 30% is copper. How much iron should be added to the mixture so that the quantity of copper becomes 20%?

Question 10

In what ratio should 20% ethanol solution be mixed with 40% ethanol solution to obtain a 28% ethanol solution?
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