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Mixed GK Quiz || 21.03.2021

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Question 1

In which of the following dialects Kabir wrote?

Question 2

Who amongst the following is renowned in the field of painting?

Question 3

Le Corbusier, the architect of Chandigarh was a national of

Question 4

Where is "Pushkar Fair" held?

Question 5

Where are the mortal remains of St. Francis Xavier housed?

Question 6

The use of which of the fol ­lowing regional languages was popularised by the Bhakti leader, Shankaradeva?

Question 7

The headquarters of which one of the following organisations is not in Geneva?

Question 8

Gangubai Hangal who died in 2009 was a

Question 9

In which year did Amartya Kumar Sen receive the Nobel Prize in Economics?

Question 10

Human Rights Day is observed on
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