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Question 1

A man starts from his home and walks 10 km to the north and turns right to walk 12 km. Then he turns 135 degrees in the clockwise direction and walks 26 km. How far is he from his home?

Question 2

A is in the west of B which is in the south of C. If D is in the north of C, then in which direction of A is D?

Question 3

A boy goes 60km south from A to B then goes 20km east to C and 20km north to D. Another girl starts from E and goes to F where the distance between E and F is equal to the length of A and B and parallel to each other, then goes 20km west to G and then 20km north to H. What is the distance between D and H if the distance between A and E is 60km and A is to the west of E.

Question 4

If South East becomes North, then what will South West become

Question 5

If A is to the west of B, C is to the south of A and D is to the east of C, then D is in which direction of A?

Question 6

Select the option that is related to the third letter-cluster in the same way as the second letter-cluster is related to the first letter-cluster.


Question 7

‘Motherboard' is related to 'Computer' in the same way as 'Picture-tube'is related to ________

Question 8

In the following question, select the related word from the given alternatives.

Conference : Chairman : : Newspaper : ?

Question 9

In the following question, select the related number from the given alternatives.

 12 : 72 :: 22 : 242 :: 18 : ?

Question 10

Find the correct alternative that is related to third group in the same way second is related to first group.

PNR: WUY:: JFL : ?

Question 11

Two different positions of the same dice are shown. Select the letter that will be on the face opposite to the face showing 'C'.

Question 12

Three different positions of the same dice are shown. Select the number that will be on the opposite to the face having 6.

Question 13

The six faces of a dice have been marked with the letters A, B, C, D, E and F. If A is adjacent to B, C and E, then which of the following statements is true?

Question 14

Which of the following cubes in the answer figure cannot be made based on the unfolded cube in the question figure?

Question 15

Which of the following cube in the answer figure cannot be made based on the unfolded cube in the question figure?

Question 16

If 45% of 30 + 2X = 35% of 15 + 20% of 45, then the value of X is:

Question 17

There are 150 students in a class. 6% of these do not have uniform. Two-third of the remaining wear only one part. Remaining students wear whole uniform. How many students are wearing full uniform in the class?

Question 18

In a survey, it was found that 20% of houses contained two or more persons. Of the houses containing only one person, 50% are houses with only a male. Then, what is the percentage of all houses which contain exactly one female and no male?

Question 19

The cost price of 15 articles is same as the selling price of x articles then find the value of x while profit percentage is 25%.

Question 20

A seller sold articles for Rs. 100 each. He sold 75% of the total article and had 80 left. How much money did he earn?

Question 21

A tank can be filled by a tap in 20 min and by another tap in 60 min. Both the taps are kept open for 5 min and then the 1st tap is shut off. After this, in how much time, the tank will be completely filled?

Question 22

Tap A can fill a tank in 12 hours, tap B can fill the same tank in 16 hours and tap C can empty the same tank in 8 hours. If all three taps A, B and C are opened together, then how much time (in hours) will be taken to fill the tank?

Question 23

A pipe can fill the tank in 9 hours. The tank is having another pipe attached to its bottom. The tap at bottom can empty the tank in 18 hours. If both the pipes are opened simultaneously. Calculate the time in which the entire tank can be filled?

Question 24

Pipes A and B can fill a tank in 12 minutes and 15 minutes, respectively. The tank when full can be emptied by pipe C in x minutes. When all the three pipes are opened simultaneously, the tank is full in 10 minutes. The value of x is:

Question 25

Two pipes, P and Q can fill a cistern in 15 and 18 minutes respectively. If both are opened together and at the end of 3 minutes, Q is closed, how much longer will the cistern take to fill?

Question 26

The average of 42 numbers is 37. The average of the first 26 numbers is 32, and the average of the last 17 numbers is 44. The 26th number is:

Question 27

The average monthly expenditure of a man is Rs. 2,400 during the first three months, Rs. 3,500 during the next five months and Rs. 4,800 for the remaining four months. If his total saving is Rs. 3,500 during the entire year, then what is his average monthly income (in Rs)?

Question 28

The first and last terms of an arithmetic progression are 25 and -52. What is the sum of the series if it has 12 terms?

Question 29

While finding the average of 10 numbers, a person by mistake wrote 64 in place of a number 46 and got his average 50. The correct average of the given numbers is:

Question 30

The average of A, B and C is 18 and that of C, D and E is 12 and that of E and F is 6.5 and that of E and C is 3.5 . What is the average of A, B, C, D, E and F?
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