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Question 1

In a code language, ‘EAGER’ is written as ‘BXJBU’ and ‘MARKS’ is written as ‘PXUNV’. How will ‘LOCUST’ be written in that language?

Question 2

In a code language, CADET is written as 31457, then in that code language, how DEFER may be written?

Question 3

In a code language, if ‘fast and furious’ is written as ‘co mo jo’, ‘do it fast’ is written as ‘cha mo ga’ and ‘she did it’ is written as ‘ga la nop’, then what will be the code for the word ‘do’ in this language?

Question 4

In a certain code language, CERTAIN is written as DFSUBJO, then in the same code language, SUMMER will be written as

Question 5

In the code language, ‘PLUM’ is written as ‘KQOMFVNN’. How will ‘BIG’ is written in this language?

Question 6

Gajendra travelled 900 m Northwards, turned left and travelled 500m, then turned left again and travelled 900m. How far and in which direction is Gajendra from the starting point?

Question 7

Reena is 50m north-east of Vishu. If Vinit is 50m north-west of Vishu then Vinit is in which direction of Reena?

Question 8

Sally walks from point A 4 km towards North and turns to the left and walks 3 km, from that point, she walks straight to the starting point A. What is the total distance covered by her (in km)?

Question 9

Ramesh goes 8m in the west direction and turns to his left and goes 10m, again he takes a left turn and walks 18m. He turns to his right and moves 10m and finally, he turns 45 degrees clockwise and goes 5m. In which direction is he from his starting point?

Question 10

The length and breadth of a park are 8 m and 6 m respectively. A cockroach runs along all the four corners and finally along a diagonal. How much total distance is covered by the cockroach?

Question 11

The present age of a father is three times that of his elder son. Four years hence, the age of the father will be four times that of his younger son. If the difference between the present ages of the elder and younger child is 6 years, what is the present age of the father?

Question 12

The weights of 4 boxes are 30, 70, 60 and 20 kilograms. Which of the following cannot be the total weight, in kilograms, of any combination of these boxes and in a combination a box can be used only once?

Question 13

The average weight of Alka, Bhupi and Cigy is 45 Kg. If the average weight of Alka and Bhupi be 40 Kg and that of Bhupi and Cigy be 43 Kg, then what is the weight of Bhupi?

Question 14

How many days will 2184 people take to construct a stadium if 336 people can build the same in 65 days?

Question 15

A father is now double in age from his son. Six years back, he was three times as old as his son. The age of the son is?

Question 16

12 monkeys can eat 12 bananas in 12 minutes. In how many minutes can 4 monkeys eat 4 bananas?

Question 17

A sum of ₹31866 is divided between A, B and C such that the ratio of shares of A and B is 9 : 8 and that of A and C is 4 : 5. The share (in₹) of B is:

Question 18

Find the ratio between the fourth proportional of 12, 16, 6 and the third proportional of 4, 6.

Question 19

The ratio of Math and Hindi books in an almirah is 5:4 and there are total 60 Math books but due to inclusion of some more Math books the ratio changes to 7:3. The number of Math books in the almirah now is?

Question 20

The ratio of two numbers A and B is 5 : 8. If 5 is added to each A and B, then the ratio of A and B becomes 2 : 3. The sum of A and B is:

Question 21

If the speed of boat in up-stream is 15.3 km/hr and speed of current is 8.2 km/hr. Then find the time taken by boat to cover a distance of 158.5 km down-stream will be?

Question 22

A person can row a boat 60 km/h in downstream. The speed of current is 50% less than the speed of boat in still water. What is the time taken by him to cover a distance of 60 km upstream?

Question 23

In a stream running at 2km/hr, boat goes 10 km upstream and back again to the starting point in 55 minutes. Find the speed of the boat in still water.

Question 24

Distance covered by a boat in upstream in 5 hrs is equal to distance covered by him in 2 hrs in downstream. If speed of current is 1 km/h then what is speed of boat in still water?

Question 25

A person can row a distance of two km downstream in 6 minutes and upstream in 12 minutes. What is the speed of the stream?

Question 26

Ahaana bought the mixture of a certain quantity containing the extract of orange juice with 13 litres of water is sold at 80 paise per litre. If pure orange extract be worth Re. 0.96 per litre, then calculate the concentration of orange is present in the juice.

Question 27

In what ratio should two varieties of liquid of Rs. 56 per liters and Rs. 64 per liters be mixed together to get a mixture whose cost is Rs. 60 per liters?

Question 28

In a school, the ratio of number of boys to number of girls is 3:2. If the number of boys increases by 10% and the number of girls decreases by 250, then the final population of school increases by 5%. Find initial number of boys in the school.

Question 29

How many kgs of basmati rice costing Rs.42/kg should a shop keeper mix with 25 kg of low-quality rice costing 24/kg so that he makes a profit of 25% on selling the mixture at Rs 40/kg:

Question 30

470 litres of a mixture of milk and water contains 5% of water. A mischievous boy added some water in the mixture and now there is 6% water in the new mixture. Find the quantity of water added by the boy in the mixture.
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