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Mini Mock Test Math/ Reasoning (Week 1)- 05.06.2022

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Question 1

Looking into a mirror, the clock shows 1:35 as the time, the actual time is.

Question 2

A clock is so placed that at 12 noon its minute hand points towards North-East. In which direction does its hour hand point at 1.30 P.M.?

Question 3

Find the angle between the hands of clock at 03:15 am?

Question 4

What will be the angle between the minute hand and the hour hand of a clock when the time is 4:20?

Question 5

How many times are the hands of a clock at right angle in a week?

Question 6

On 21st Oct, 2006 it was Saturday. What day of the week was it on 8th Oct, 2005?

Question 7

It was Tuesday on October 9, 2019 . What was the day of the week November 13, 2019?

Question 8

It was Sunday on Jan 1, 2002. What was the day of the week Jan 1, 2006?

Question 9

1st January 2024 was Wednesday so what was the day of the week on 31 December 2024?

Question 10

If three days before yesterday was Wednesday, what will be two days after tomorrow?

Question 11

In a certain code language, 'MARGIN' is written as 'SBNOJH'. How will 'PRAYER' be written in that language?

Question 12

In a code language, MAGICAL is written as GAMILAC. How will CARTOON be written in that language?

Question 13

In a certain code language, DEVICE is written as IBAFHB. How will ARTIFICIAL be written as in that language?

Question 14

A + B means ‘Bis the daughter of A’;

A – B means ‘B is the sister of A’;

A × B means ‘B is the husband of A’;

A ÷ B means ‘A is the father of B’.

If, P ÷ R × T + Q – S × U + Z, then how is R related to Z?

Question 15

If QUICKLY is coded as OSGAIJW, then how will HUE be coded as?

Question 16

Roshan started a business and he invested Rs.38000. After some months, Amar came to join with him and invested 28,500. At the end of the year the total profit was divided between them in the ratio 16 : 8 . Find after how many months did Amar join?

Question 17

Deepak, Sunil & Suresh started a food business with Rs. 8100, 24300, 21600 respectively. At the end of the year the profit was distributed. If Sunil’s share was 10,800 what was the total profit ?

Question 18

A sum of Rs. x is divided among A, B and C such that the ratio of the shares of A and B is 6 : 7 and that of B and C is 3 : 2. If the difference between the shares of A and C is Rs. 540. Then the value of x is :

Question 19

A, B, and C start a business. A invests 33.33% of the total capital, B invests 25% of the remaining and C invests the rest. If the total profit at the end of a year is Rs. 1,62,000, then A’s share in profit is:

Question 20

Rajneesh started a business with a capital of Rs.24,000. After 4 months Alok joined the business with a capital of Rs.30,000. At the end of the year, they earned a profit of Rs.19,800. What is the share of Alok in the profit?

Question 21

If 45% of 30 + 2X = 35% of 15 + 20% of 45, then the value of X is:

Question 22

There are 150 students in a class. 6% of these do not have uniform. Two-third of the remaining wear only one part. Remaining students wear whole uniform. How many students are wearing full uniform in the class?

Question 23

In a survey, it was found that 20% of houses contained two or more persons. Of the houses containing only one person, 50% are houses with only a male. Then, what is the percentage of all houses which contain exactly one female and no male?

Question 24

The cost price of 15 articles is same as the selling price of x articles then find the value of x while profit percentage is 25%.

Question 25

A seller sold articles for Rs. 100 each. He sold 75% of the total article and had 80 left. How much money did he earn?

Question 26

Radha saves 25% of her income. If her expenditure increases by 20% and her income increase by 29%, then her saving increase by:

Question 27

If the price of an eraser is reduced by 40%, a person can buy eight more erasers for 3, then how many erasers can be bought for 3 at the original price.

Question 28

A cloth merchant on selling 40 meters of cloth obtains a profit equal to the selling price of 15 meters of cloth. The profit (in %) is.

Question 29

A is 80% more than B and C is % less than the sum of A and B. By what per cent, is C less than A?

Question 30

The sum of weights of A and B is 130 kg. 96% of A's weight is  times the weight of B. Find the difference between their weights.
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