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Question 1

Pointing to a lady, Anup said, “She is the only daughter of the lady who is the mother of my mother’s only grandson.” How is the lady related to Anup?

Question 2

If 1st January 2013 was Tuesday, then what day of the week will be 31st December 2013?

Question 3

Today is Wednesday. After 2020 days, it will be?

Question 4

If January 1st is a Friday, what is the first day of the month of March in a leap year?

Question 5

If 31 August 2008 was Sunday, then what was the day of the week on 30 August 2012?

Question 6

Select the Venn diagram that best represents the relationship between the following classes.

Women, Professors, Widows

Question 7

In the given diagram, the triangle stands for ‘Indians’, the rectangle stands for ‘Athletes’, and the square stands for ‘Olympians’. The numbers given in the different segments represent the number of persons in that category.

How many Indians are either Athletes or Olympians but NOT both?

Question 8

In the Venn diagram given below, if ‘Hexagon’ represents ‘Farmers’, ‘Triangle’ represents ‘Villagers’ and ‘Square’ represents ‘Beneficiaries’, then how many Farmers are there who are Villagers and Beneficiaries also?

Question 9

Identify the diagram that best represents the relationship among the given classes.

Bird, Reptile, Snake

Question 10

Identify the diagram that best represents the relationship among the given classes.

Country, State, City

Question 11

Ramesh is the father of Manideep. Ramesh has only two children. Manideep is the brother of Niharika. Niharika is the daughter of Kavita. Ananya is the granddaughter of Kavita. Sujit is the father of Ananya. How is Sujit related to Manideep?

Question 12

Raj is married to Urmi, who is the daughter of Kanti. Dixit is the son of Kanti's only child. Gagan is Raj's son. How is Gagan related to Dixit's mother?

Question 13

If M+N means M is sister of N. M-N means M is brother of N. MxN means M is father of N. Then which of the following means A is father of D?

Question 14

If ‘A+B’ means A is the father of B.
‘A*B’ means A is the brother of B.
‘A−B’ means A is the mother of B.
Then which of the following is definitely true about S−X+Y?

Question 15

The perimeter of a rectangle is 86 cm. The numbers representing its area and breadth are in the ratio of 9 : 1, respectively. The breadth of the rectangle is:

Question 16

The area of an equilateral triangle is  m2. Its perimeter (in m) is:

Question 17

The perimeter of a rhombus is 148 cm, and one of its diagonals is 24 cm. The area (in cm2) of the rhombus is:

Question 18

If the adjacent sides of a rectangle whose perimeter is 60 cm are in the ratio 3 : 2, then what will be the area of the rectangle?

Question 19

A rhombus of side 28 cm has one angle of 60°. What is the length of the larger diagonal?

Question 20

In an examination, Vinod scored 25% of marks and failed by 10 marks. Sachin scored 30% of marks, which were 20 marks more than the passing marks. Find the total marks of the examination.

Question 21

If circumference of a circle is increased by 25%, then find the change percentage in the area of a square which is inscribed in a circle.

Question 22

Rakul spends 39% of his monthly salary on food, 19% on house rent, 15% on entertainment, and 7% on conveyance. But due to a family function, he has to borrow 32500 from a money lender to meet the expenses of 40,000. His monthly salary is:

Question 23

The income of A is 20% less than that of B and the expenditure of A is equal to 75% of B’s expenditure. If A’s income is equal to 125% of B’s expenditure, then what is the ratio of the savings of A and B?

Question 24

If a is 60% of b, then what percent (to the nearest integer) of 9b is 7a?

Question 25

If the price of apple increases from ₹80/kg to ₹100/kg, then by what percentage a person should decrease the consumption of apples so that his expenditure remains the same?

Question 26

If A's salary is 60% more than B's salary, then by what percentage is B's salary less than that of A?

Question 27

An alloy contains 32% COPPER, 24% nickel and rest zinc. How much zinc is present in 12 kg of the alloy?

Question 28

If 50% of (P – Q) = 30% of (P + Q) and Q = x% of P, then the value of x is :

Question 29

In a big garden 60% of the trees are coconut trees, 25% of the numbers of coconut trees are mango trees and 20% of the number of mango trees are apple trees. If the number of apple trees are 1500, then the number of trees in the garden is :

Question 30

If yesterday was Friday, then what day of the week will be the sixth day from tomorrow?
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