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Question 1

A circular wire of diameter 77cm is bent in the form of a rectangle whose length is 142% of its breadth. What is the area of the rectangle?

(Take π = 22/7)

Question 2

There is a rectangle of length 15 cm and area 150cm2. Its area is increased to  times the original area by increasing its breadth only. Find the new perimeter.

Question 3

A hollow iron pipe is 28cm long with its external radius 8cm. If the thickness of the pipes is 2 cm, then find the volume of iron used in the pipe.

Question 4

Find the number of bricks of dimension 6cm x 8 cm x 4cm required to build a wall of dimension 0.5 m x 4 m x 1.5 m.

Question 5

The length of a metallic pipe is 7.56 m. Its external and internal radii are 2.5 cm and 1.5 cm respectively. If 1 cm3 of the metal weight 7.5 g, then the weight of the pipe is: (Take )

Question 6

A large cube is formed by melting three smaller cubes of sides 6 cm, 8cm and 10 cm. Find the ratio of the sum of the surface areas of the smaller cubes to that of the larger cube.

Question 7

In a trapezium PQRS, PQ||RS and diagonals PR and QS intersect at O. If PQ = 2RS and RS = 2.5 cm and area of triangle SOR = 6.25 cm2, then find the area of triangle POQ:

Question 8

From a square paper of side 12cm, four equal circular pieces of maximum area are cut. From another paper of same dimension, nine equal circular pieces of maximum area are cut. Find the difference in area of remaining pieces of paper.

Question 9

The figure below shows two concentric circular fields with centre O. PQRS a square garden, inscribed in the outer circular field. It also circumscribes the inner circular fields, touching it at points B, C, D and A. What is the ratio of the perimeter of the outer circular filed to that of polygon ABCD?

Question 10

If radius of a circle is increased by t units, what is the number of units by which the circumference of the circle is increased?
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