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Question 1

Radii of the two circular faces of a frustum of a cone are 5 cm and 4 cm. If the height of the frustum is 21 cm, what is its volume in cm3

Question 2

5 cubes, each of edge 4 cm, are joined end to end. What is the total surface area of the resulting cuboid?

Question 3

A cuboidal tank measuring 10 m × 8 m × 6 m with a circular hole of one-meter diameter on top, how much of iron sheets (m2) will be needed to make such a tank? (Correct to 1 decimal place)

Question 4

A solid metallic sphere of radius 8 cm is melted and drawn into a wire of uniform cross-section. If the length of the wire is 24 m, then its radius (in mm) is:

Question 5

Height of a cone is 12 cm and radius of its base is 3 cm. The cone is cut into two parts by a plane parallel to its base such that height of both the parts is same. What is the ratio of volume of upper part and lower part respectively?

Question 6

A cylindrical well of height 80 meters and radius 7 meters is dug in a field 28 meters long and 22 meters wide. The earth taken out is spread evenly on the field. What is the increase (in meters) in the level of the field?

Question 7

A tent is to be built in the form of a cylinder of radius 7 m surmounted by a cone of the same radius. If the height of the cylindrical part is 8 m and slant height of the conical part is 12 m, how much canvas will be required to build the tent? Allow 20% extra canvas for folding and stitching. (Take π = 22/7)

Question 8

The base of right prism is a trapezium whose parallel sides are 11 cm and 15 cm and the distance between them is 9 cm. if the volume of the prism is 1731. 6 cm3, then the height (in cm) of the prism will
be :

Question 9

The ratio of curved surface area of two cones is 1 : 8 and the ratio of there slant heights is 1 : 4. What is the ratio of the radius of the two cones?

Question 10

The base of a right pyramid is an equilateral triangle with side 8 cm, and the height of the pyramid is . The volume (in cm3) of the pyramid is :
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