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Question 1

The base of a right prism is an equilateral triangle of area 346 sq. cm and the volume of the prism is 17300 cubic cm. The lateral surface area of the prism is: (use √3 = 1.73, √2 = 1.40)

Question 2

The volume of a cuboid is 320 cubic cm. Find its total surface area if its length and breadth are 10 cm and 8 cm respectively.

Question 3

The length and the breadth of a rectangle are 15 cm and 12 cm respectively. If the rectangle is given one full rotation about its breadth as the axis, what is the volume (in cm3) through which the rectangle moves?

Question 4

The Total surface area of a cube is 150 sq. cm. Then the volume of the cube is:

Question 5

The heights and volumes of a hemisphere and a right circular cylinder are equal, then the ratio of their radii is

Question 6

The area of the base of a pyramid is 78 sq. cm and its height is 13 cm. Find the volume of the pyramid.

Question 7

From solid cylinder with base diameter 14 cm and height 20 cm, hemispherical parts of radius 7 cm were cut from both the ends of the cylinder. Find the volume of the resultant object?

Question 8

A cuboid of size 60cm × 40cm × 36cm is cut into 8 identical part by 3 cuts. What is the total surface area (in cm2) of all the 8 parts?

Question 9

Thousand solid metallic spheres of diameter 6 cm are melted and recast into a new solid sphere. The radius of the new sphere (in cm) is:

Question 10

The base of a prism is a trapezium. The lengths of the parallel sides of the trapezium are 15 cm and 18 cm respectively and the distance between the parallel sides is 10 cm. If the volume of the prism is 1485 cm3, then the height of the prism is:
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