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Question 1

If diagonals of a rhombus are 36 cm and 48 cm, then what is the perimeter (in cm) of the rhombus?

Question 2

A circular wire of diameter 77cm is bent in the form of a rectangle whose length is 142% of its breadth. What is the area of the rectangle?

(Take π = 22/7)

Question 3

The ratio of the areas of a regular hexagon and an equilateral Triangles having same perimeter is:

Question 4

The perimeter of a square is equal to the perimeter of a rectangle of length 16 cm and breadth 14 cm. Find the circumference of a semicircle whose diameter is equal to the side of the square.

Question 5

Original breadth of a rectangular box is 20 cm. The box was then remade in such a way that its length increased by 30% but the breadth decreased by 20% and the area increased by 100 cm2. What is the new area of the box?

Question 6

The sides of a triangle are 10cm, 24cm and 26cm. At each of its vertices, circles of radius 3.5 cm are drawn. What is the area of the triangle excluding the portion covered by the sectors of the circles?

Question 7

The sides of a triangular park are 60 m, 112 m and 164 m. The cost of leveling the park at the rate of Rs.8.50/m2 is:

Question 8

A square card board of side 3m is bent at its diagonal and made into a triangle. The height of the triangle is:

Question 9

If the perimeter of an isosceles right triangle is (16√2 + 16) cm, then the area of the triangle is:

Question 10

50 students set in a classroom, each student requiring 9 m2 on floor and 108 m3 in space. If the breadth of the room is 18 m, then its length and height are respectively
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