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Question 1

In the given figure PQRS is a square, then find the ratio of the area of shaded portion and the area of unshaded portion.

PT : TQ = 1 : 2
QU : UR = 3 : 1
RV : VS = 1 : 1

Question 2

The sides of a triangle having area 7776 square cm are in the ratio 3 : 4 : 5. The perimeter of the triangle is

Question 3

From a circular sheet of paper with a radius 20 cm, four circles of radius 5 cm each are cut out. What is the ratio of the uncut to the cut portion?

Question 4

ABC is an isosceles right triangle and AC is its hypotenuse. The area of the square drawn on hypotenuse as side is 128 cm2. What is the sum of areas of equilateral triangles drawn on AB and BC as sides?

Question 5

In the given figure, If AD = 3, DE = 4, AB = 12, BF = 2, FG = 6, BC = 10, then the value of  is:

(M is the area of the quadrilateral FGDE and N is the area of the triangle ABC.)

Question 6

𝐼n the given figure PQRS is a square whose side is 8 cm. PQS and QPR are two quadrants. A circle is Placed touching both quadrants and the square as Shown in the figure. What is the area (in cm2of circle?

Question 7

The diagonal of rectangle is 15 cm and length is 12 cm. Find the area of the rectangle.

Question 8

Ten circles of equal radius 2 cm are placed inside an equilateral triangle as shown in the figure. Find the area of the triangle.

Question 9

Two sides of a triangle are 3.4 cm and 5.2 cm respectively. What can be the length of the third side (x) in cm?

Question 10

A garden is in the form of rectangle having its breadth and length in the ratio of 4 : 9. The area of the garden is hectare. Find the perimeter of the lawn?
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