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Question 1

A square and a regular hexagon are drawn such that all the vertices of the square and the hexagon are on a circle of radius r cm. The ratio of area of the square and the hexagon is

Question 2

The volumes of a right circular cylinder and a sphere are equal. The radius of the cylinder and the diameter of the sphere are equal. The ratio of height and radius of the cylinder is:

Question 3

Four pieces, each in the shape of arc of a circle with radius 2 cm are cut out from four corners of a square of side 4 cm. The area of the remaining portion is:

Question 4

A metallic sphere of radius 10.5 cm is melted and then recast into small cones each of radius 3.5 cm and height 3 cm. The number of cones thus formed will be how much?

Question 5

A metal pipe is 21 cm long and its exterior diameter is 8 cm. If the thickness of the pipe is 1 cm and the metal weighs 8 gm/cm3, the weight of the pipe (in kg.) is 

Question 6

The volume of a cube is 512 cm3. Its surface area (in sq cm) is

Question 7

Length of a class-room is two times its height and breadth is times its height. The cost of white-washing the walls at the rate of Rs. 1.60 per m2 is Rs. 179.20. Find the cost of tiling the floor at the rate of Rs. 6.75 per m2.

Question 8

A cube and a sphere have equal surface areas. The ratio of their volumes will be _____.

Question 9

The curved surface area and the total surface area of a cylinder are in the ratio 1 : 2. If the total surface area of the right cylinder is 616 cm2, then its volume is :

Question 10

If circum-circle of an equilateral triangle is the in-circle of another equilateral triangle, then find ratio of the areas of both triangles.
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