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Medieval History of Rajasthan- Marwar

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Question 1

Where is the memorial of Rao Sihaji (Sheoji) located?

Question 2

Who was the founder of Jodhpur city?

Question 3

After whose name is Marwar region also called 'Malani'?

Question 4

Who is known as a patricidal ruler of Marwar?

Question 5

Uday Singh weds his daughter to which of the following Mughal prince?

Question 6

When was the battle of "Matire ki Raad" fought?

Question 7

Who is known as Garibaldi of Rajputana?

Question 8

Where is the Canopy of Durgadas Rathore located?

Question 9

Rathores belong to which clan?

Question 10

Who was the founder of Bikaner?
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